Pichwai Art

         Pichwai Art
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Hi Guys, This information is about Pichwai Art.

Overview of Pichwai Art:-
This is very traditional art of India, This art is majorly done in the areas of Rajasthan, India. The art is practiced mostly on clothe. The main topics of this art are about Lord Krishna and Lord Shreenath. The pichwai painting was related to the stories of Lord Krishna and Shreenath, it was practiced on clothe mainly.

Firstly we have to starch the clothe with the help of rice’s flour. The main motive to starch the clothe is so that the colours should not be spreaded all over the clothe for example as we use Jasso in canvas and it soaks that, that’s why doing starch is the first step after that only we can do colour. Secondly, traditionally, there used to be a rough sketch on which they used to colour it, the colours used were usually taken from the natural things as vegetables and fruits.
Nowadays, these paintings include synthetic colours as well, and now in many places gold colour is used but earlier it used to be gold powder.

Now, the natural colours are not used majorly because it requires more time in making them and processing them, irrespective of this, some things are still adopted from the traditional times and today also there are so many artists who paint using traditional methods only and they have not let the traditional art of India to be faded.

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