B.F.A. Entrance Theory Exam Tips

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B.F.A. Entrance Theory Exam

Hi.. Guys.. this Information is about B.F.A. Entrance Theory Exam
Dear Learners, The article includes the all essential information about the B.F.A. Entrance theory exam, after reading the article you will be thorough with the exam norms of B.F.A. Entrance Theory Exam and you will not be facing any type of difficulty in preparing the same, If you are applying B.F.A. Entrance exam the article will indeed be the best and useful for you.

 Overview of Exam:-
It comprises of two tests. First test includes either still life or live drawing whereas second test includes the particular specialization for which you are filling the form according to which the respective college will allot you the subject of specialization, for example if you are filling the form for applied then it would include logo design or illustration and if you are filling the form for painting then it would include composition, if you are filling in sculpture then it would include clay modelling in the second test.
Along with this there is a third test as well which is theory and is similar of every subject.

Tips for Theory Exam
Read current affairs/social affairs/Art History as much as you can because in theory exam it includes so many social issues questions which are ongoing or have happened recently and these type of questions you can only attempt if you are reading the social affairs as well all the current events happening day by day
Art History may include Indian Art and Western Art, Name of the artists with their work in respective disciplines because most of the questions are directly on the names of artists and their workings so it will be good to go if know the names of artists and their works in different disciplines
Be updated for all kinds of news as in T.V. channels as well as in newspapers because there are so many news which are not shown on television but they are published in the newspaper and there are so many news which are not published in newspaper but they are shown in televisions so it will be better to be thorough with both type of news.

Questions about General Knowledge can also be asked. These type of questions are to be studied independently, they are of very basic knowledge for example how many bones are there in a human body or how many muscles are there in a human body, overall it concludes that they can ask you these type of questions as well.

Exam Pattern
MCQs and fill in the blanks type questions

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